Register before May 5th to guarantee getting your t-shirt for race day! You can also register after May 5th as well as AT the event, but you will not be guaranteed to receive a t-shirt for race day. Click on the “Register” tab above, or click here. See below for information and FAQ.

The Color Within is a 5K Walk/Run fundraiser for all ages. You’ll start off with a white t-shirt (which we’ll supply, or wear one of your own) and throughout the run (or walk), we’ll coat you with color bombs of blue, green, pink, purple and yellow. Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color until you cross the finish line!

Let’s celebrate the color within each of us by getting covered with color on the outside!

When: Saturday, May 27th @ 10:00am. Please arrive before 9:00am to sign in.

Where: Bud Miller Park Picnic Area. See race map here.

The Color

The color powder is just colored cornstarch!

What is the cost?

2016 2017 **NEW**
Adult – $50 Adult – $40
Student (11-17) – $25 Student (11-17) – $25
Youth (10 & Under) – FREE Youth (10 & Under) – FREE

Gathering pledges is encouraged—prizes will be awarded for highest pledges received. Find the pledge form here. Please bring your pledge form, along with donations, to the sign in desk on race day.

What are we raising funds for?

Bea Fisher Foundation

All proceeds go to The Bea Fisher Foundation. The Bea Fisher Foundation’s mission is to increase public awareness and create the necessary capital for The Bea Fisher Centre Inc. to provide the opportunity for advancement of individuals with developmental disabilities towards independence.

How do I register?

Register on or before May 5th! Click on the “Register” tab above to access our secure online registration. One t-shirt is included with each registration (adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL & Youth sizes: S, M, L). If you do not wish to receive a t-shirt, please select “No Shirt”.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Once you click register, you will be asked to electronically sign the waiver. If you register day of the race, you will need to sign a waiver when you arrive at the registration desk.

What do I get with my registration?

1. A white t-shirt – You can wear the shirt on race day, or save to wear later. You’ll receive the t-shirt when you sign in on race day.

2. Free BBQ – You’ll get 1 hamburger with your registration after the race. Additional BBQ items will be available to purchase.

3. A pledge sheet – Prizes will be awarded for the participants with the highest pledge amounts. Please find the pledge form here.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Please find the volunteer form here. You can either fill out this form and drop it off/mail it to the Bea Fisher Centre OR call 780-875-3633 to sign up.

What happens at the finish line?

Everyone will grab their color bomb and you’ll get your own chance to color whoever you want! Let’s celebrate the color within us all! There will be a BBQ afterward where each participant will receive 1 free burger. Additional BBQ items will be available to purchase.

How do I get clean?

We recommend plain old soap and water, along with some perseverance. The color may stain clothing and shoes but most of it will come out in the wash. If you’re concerned, wear something you’re not afraid to get a little colored!

Note* If you have recently colored your hair. It is a good idea to cover it up as newly died hair easily absorbs color (especially blond).

What should I wear?

The white t-shirt we give you OR anything else white!

What’s the best way to photograph?

If you want to take pictures, we recommend a ziplock bag to keep your phone or camera safe and color free!

How do I preserve the color in my t-shirt after the race?

Spray your shirt with vinegar, then iron it before washing.

Is the run timed?

No, this race is non-competitive. The only requirement is that you have fun!


– We recommend wearing old sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from the color, but they are not necessary.

– If you bring your phone or camera, cover it in a plastic bag.

– Bring a garbage bag or towel to sit on after so you don’t get color on your car seat.

– Wear all white!

– Wash your clothes and shower as soon as possible after the race.

– If you have recently died your hair a light color be sure to protect it with a hat (freshly died hair means the cuticles of the hair are still open and absorb color easily).


Further questions? Please call 780-875-3633 or email angelb@beafisher.com.